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Where is Freedom of Speech Going On The Internet?

The States of Utah and Michigan are reigning in Free Speech on the Internet.

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Dances for Kittens: conscience consumerism, youth activism and DIY lifestyle

highschool Youth and hopefully college age youth and all ages accepted will be starting a activist group around primarily conscience consumerism (we hit urban outfitters already) and DIy independant lifestyle also counter military recruitment work is planned on our agenda

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Photos and Notes - PVUSD Supports Student Privacy

girls-1.jpg6/29/05 Watsonville, CA - They waited for more than two and a half hours. The last item on the agenda. But finally they were able to speak. One by one, members of the Pajaro Valley community rose and shared their stories with the school district officials. While their stories varied, they all ended with the same request - that the school district protect students' privacy by allowing them to opt-out from having their information released to military recruiters. This opt-out, they claimed, needed to be put on the mandatory emergency card, because it is the only way to ensure that their right to privacy will not be overlooked.

Avoiding anti-Privacy board members' attempts to dillute and derail this important proposal, school board allies pushed the changes through with a 4-3 vote. This marks an important moment in PVUSD's recent history - showing that at least a majority of the school board members will take proactive steps to ensure the privacy of their students and families.

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Hidden Clause in No Child Left Behind Act Lets Parents Opt-Out

School districts around the US are struggling to comply with the No Child Left Behind Act. The Act threatens to cut federal funds if they fail to provide military recruiters with phone numbers and other personal information about students. But a little known clause gives parents and students the right to opt out of the military listing. Last night in Watsonville, California, the Pajaro Valley School Board voted 4-3 to improve the notification process to parents that their child's information will be handed over to recruiters. FSRN's Vinny Lombardo has more.

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Watsonville “Emergency Card� OPT-OUT A Winner - Words & Photos, Bob Fitch

The Pajaro Valley Unified School District Board of Trustees voted in favor (4 to 3) of a resolution to increase student and family awareness of the OPT-OUT choice parents have to deny military recruiters access to private student information.

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