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LOCAL Announcement :: Education & Youth

Urban Snoutfitters you suck

Urban out fitters protest sunday june 12 in santa cruz at o'niells plaza across tthe sreet from urban O

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LOCAL Commentary :: Education & Youth

Free Skool Summer Quarter Class Deadline Wednesday

Free Skool is a completely grassroots effort, a collection of folks who decided to act collectively and autonomously to create a skill-sharing network, a school without institutional control. It is your opportunity to learn from others and share what you know, to help create self-reliance, vital communities, and beauty in the world. If you are willing to learn, teach, or help organize Free Skool, then we're already walking on the same path.

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News :: Education & Youth

Sacramento Gets It - Kids Aren't Lab Rats!

Assemblymember Cindy Montanez (D., 39th District), protects the health of kids, teachers, and school workers -

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LOCAL Interview :: Education & Youth : Peace & War

Entrevista/Interview: Fernando Suarez del Solar

Escucha a la entrevista en español que fue transmitido en Radio Libre Santa Cruz; o la puede leer en Ingles.
Listen to the audio interview [in Spanish] broadcast on Free Radio Santa Cruz; an English language transcript follows.

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News :: Civil & Human Rights : Education & Youth : Environment & Food : Resistance & Tactics

Showdown in Coal Town

For the third time in one week, residents of the Coal River Valley of West Virginia and supporters from across the country met at Massey Energy's coal processing plant behind Marsh Fork Elemntary School to demand that it be shut down and cleaned up. Sixteen of the 150 participants in the Moountain Justice Summer campaign were arrested as they attempted to deliver a list of demands to the site's supervisor. Earlier in the day two campaign participants delivered the demands directly to Massey's head offices in Richmond Virginia.

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