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UC Santa Barbara Disorientation Guide

A sister publication to UCSC's DisoGuide is now out! The SBDisoGuide can also be found on the web at

Welcome to college, what will you do? This is a world of war and injustice, pain, hope, and struggle. The richest one percent of humanity controls as much wealth as the bottom 60 percent. There are more than two billion peasants living today. There are countless more whose lives are equally difficult, and they all live in the first world’s long shadow. A global ecological crisis is upon us. Centuries of exploitation have left large swaths of the earth barren and poisoned. A crisis of meaning has overtaken us. We are continually bombarded with messages promoting consumption, wealth, and individual gain as the highest achievements we can aspire toward.

So welcome to college. How did you get here? Ever wonder how many people dream of attending the university but can’t afford it? What will you do with your time and education here? Do you believe that money, appearance, entertainment, and shopping are the be-all-end-all? Or is there more to life? Is there a different meaning? Collectively, most of us came here not entirely of our own choosing. If the future were our own, what would we make of it? Can we change things for the better?

The (Dis)Orientation Guide suggests some possibilities. The future is written partly in the rubble of yesterday’s burned banks. It’s etched in the blazing passions of past hunger strikes, sit-ins and organized uprisings. Part introduction, invitation, and inspiration, this booklet is a resource to connect you with others in your search for meaning and understanding. The goal of the Guide is to challenge all assumptions and to catalyze radical thought about the university, society at large, and our individual lives.

[ UC Santa Barbara Disorientation Guide ]


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Santa Cruz First Night Parade of Freaks

Call out for Santa Cruz DIY New Year's Eve parade and party

After several years of city-sponsored mediocrity, First Night Santa Cruz officially goes belly-up. To hell with city-sponsored anything anyway. Let's do our own parade. A Last Night celebration. A last night of waiting for governments, institutions, or anyone else to entertain us, satisfy us, bring us security, freedom, or joy. We reclaim our streets and usher in the new year with our own celebration.

We're not asking for permits or permission. We're just gonna do it. We'll start at one end of the mall and march down Pacific. Extra bonus points if we can pull off a swell dance party to rollicking live music on the other end. This is your parade, your celebration, and your new year. Interested?

Don't wait to see who else is involved or whether we will really pull this off. Fuck it. Jump in.

[ Last Night Santa Cruz DIY Parade ]

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No Mas Rechazados, No al Plan Juárez en Oaxaca || No More Denied Students, No to Plan Juarez in Oaxaca

Me encuentro en la Plazuela del Carmen, entonces escucho susurros, que se hacen más fuertes. -"...educación primero al hijo del obrero, educación después al hijo del burgués...". Camino aprisa para encontrarme con la marcha de estudiantes de la UABJO (Universidad Autónoma Benito Juárez de Oaxaca), jóvenes no mayores de 25 años que caminan en dos filas, en medio de estas marcha la gente con pancartas, que acusan al rector Neri de utilizar el Plan Juárez, para disminuir la calidad de la educación, algunas de las propuestas de este plan son: privatizar la educación, aumento de cuotas, recorte de matriculas, eliminar el derecho de los estudiantes para poder elegir a su director, entre otras cosas. Lee más...

I was in the Carmen Plaza and I heard whistling and the chants were getting louder, “…education first for the children of the workers, educucation later for the children of the rich….? I quickly walked to encounter the march of students of the UABJO (Benito Juárez Autonomous University of Oaxaca), youth no older than 25 years that were walking in two lines, in the middle of the march was the students that were carrying large signs accusing the director of the university, Neri, of using Plan Juarez to decrease the quality of the education. Some of the main points of this plan are: privatize the education, increase the tuition, decrease the number of students, eliminate the students´ rights to elect their director, and other such cutbacks in overall quality of the education.

English Translation || Texto de Aviador || Fotos || Mas Fotos

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Announcement :: Education & Youth

Free Skool Santa Cruz Summer Quarter Begins

From Spanish language classes to forage and storage, Free Skool Santa Cruz offers a decentralized educational network outside the system for $19,926 less than UCSC

fssc tan.png
Summer quarter is just starting. But you won’t need any student id, add/drop forms, or registration fees. There are no classrooms, professors, or administration, just people sharing what they know. This is Free Skool Santa Cruz. And the first thing you will learn is that we are all students and we are all teachers.

Free Skool summer quarter runs July 1st to September 31st and offers a variety of classes in homes, community centers, and open spaces all over Santa Cruz. In Free Skool Santa Cruz’ second quarter, classes include Conversational Spanish, Women’s and Trans Bicycle Repair, Studio Drawing and Collage, Local History, Birth and Birth Control, Self-Defense, Organic Gardening, Dyslexia Workshops, World History and Politics, Carpentry, and Monkey Chant.

Free Skool is a completely grassroots effort, a collection of locals who’ve decided to act collectively and autonomously to create a skill-sharing network, a school without institutional control. It is an opportunity to learn from others and share what they know, to help create self-reliance, vital communities, and beauty in the world.

[ Free Skool Santa Cruz ]

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Dances with Kittens: conscience consumerism, youth activism and DIY lifestyle

A group of youth activists associated with YCSC and troubled with growing authority by adult "allies" (although we do have good ones like sandino!) and city linked laws and regulations are forming a group that will devote itself to the ideas of protesting corporate monsters in santa cruz (we already hit urban outfitters) DIY stuff, independant lifesyle stuff and for the summer counter military highschool and college recruitment stuff.

We think we will call ourselves dAnces with kittens for the summer. YCSC regulations will not be on us so the meetings for this group will be 5-630 on tuesdays upstairs at resource center for nonviolence all ages welcome but youth Under 26 especially highschool age will be very welcome since thats what all of us so far are (also its imporatant for us cause we never saw this city before the dot come boom and earthquake. after the summer ends the date will move as ycsc will take this time please all members welcome it would be nice to have some college connections also so please attend our meetings. So if you are interested in the future of corporations coming to santa cruz, building a more independant lifestyle and helping block military recruiters, join santa cruz's youth activists and build our future!!!!!!!

DWK Event 6/12: Film Screening: The Fourth World War

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News :: Education & Youth

Students Unite Against the UC Regents


The U.C. Regents met at U.C. Berkeley's Clark Kerr Campus on Wednesday and Thursday, November 16th and 17th. Wednesday, the regents voted to raise student fees. On a 17-to-2 vote, they raised fees by 8 percent for undergraduates and 10 percent for graduate students. They also voted for top university administrators get pay raises; UC President Robert Dynes' base salary will increase from $395,000 to $405,000.

The regents switched the day to vote on feehikes, a day ahead of time to surprise the students and ignore their concerns. Activists from the civil rights group B.A.M.N (by any means neccesary), S.T.A.N.D (students taking action now Darfur ), U.C.S.A (University of California Student Association ), the G.R.N (Global resistance network), and hundreds of other students from all over California came to the U.C regents meeting to make an expression and demand for equal rights for all students.

Photos and more on

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Freedom from the Oil Pirates

Review of Sustainable Technologies for Renewable Energy, Eliminating Waste, Recycling and for Real economic Progress.

Many Links to sustainable technology, Recycling, organic gardening-farming, renewable energy, Permaculture and disaster relief web sites.

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News :: Education & Youth

The Primary Grid


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LOCAL Announcement :: Arts & Culture : Education & Youth : Resistance & Tactics

Last Night Un-Planning Meeting this Saturday

We come with different but similar hopes - blowing minds, revolution, political involvement, DIY culture, community, self-reliance, great music, bone-shaking percussion, and a rollicking good time.

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LOCAL Announcement :: Education & Youth

Students Unite Against the UC Regents Nov 16 and 17th


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