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UCSC's weekly "Weapons Inpsections" Tour a success


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Monday Night Tent U. Photos

A few more pictures on Monday night's police action at Tent University.

Administrators used the Tent U. actions as an example to the growing radical movement at UCSC's campus: from kicking recruiters out, to shutting down the campus for a day, April has been an amazing month.

Keep in mind that terrible police brutality has been happening in many communities for a long-long time and has never gotten the type of coverage that the Tent U. actions received.

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Fuck the Corporate Media; Guerilla Screening at Tent U. Santa Cruz

As the University of California Administration engages in a public relations campaign of lies, Santa Cruz Indymedia's open-publishing newswire is being utilized by UCSC students, staff, faculty and members of the community to expose the truth about the events that took place on Monday evening (4/18/05) at Tent University Santa Cruz (TUSC) and some of the many reasons for organizing TUSC in the first place.

On April 20, Santa Cruz Indymedia volunteers presented an outdoor midnight guerilla screening of A Call To Media Arms, Ring of Free Trade, To Protect and Serve (6 minutes of abuse at TUSC), Fuck The Corporate Media, and The Miami Model in the Quarry Ampitheater as part of Tent Univeristy Santa Cruz.

[ Guide to Downloading and Watching bit torrents || videos from the resistance || ]

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LOCAL News :: Education & Youth

AUDIO: Tent City at UT Austin

UT Austin Students camp for affordable and equitable education. (3:33 minutes / 3.3 MB)

Audio: Download the mp3

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LOCAL News :: Education & Youth : Police State : Resistance & Tactics

Footage of police arrests at TUSC - Solidarity from TSU Rutgers in New Jersey

Cross post this as many places as you can, and if anyone has their hands on any other footage please add a comment.

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