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Workers, Students and Community Shut Down UC Santa Cruz

whosestreets_4-14-05.jpgThere were groups of people at the West Entrance and East Entrance of UCSC, so it would be hard to say how many workers, students and community members showed up to support AFSCME, but definately more than a thousand people took part in shutting UC Santa Cruz down on Thursday, April 14.

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Photos from AM Strike, East Gate

Photos from the AM gathering at the East Gate of UCSC, with audio interviews to follow...

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KmB Pro-People Youth USA Website Operational

KmB strives to connect local issues to national and international concerns through audio-visual media, arts and culture. Showing how the problems of different communities are intertwined, Pro-People News strives to address and raise awareness about the struggles and triumphs of the people, which are not covered by the mainstream media.

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Long Live Tent University! Rally on Monday!

At a meeting on Monday between members of UCSC upper-administration, campus police, and several Tent University Santa Cruz (TUSC) organizers, the police-administraion delegation asserted in no uncertain terms that they will act to prevent Tent University Santa Cruz from taking place. At the very outset of our scheduled commencement of Tent U next Monday morning, a sizeable police presence will likely be assembled at the base of campus, ready to (try to) dismantle any tents we attempt to erect and arrest anyone who does not comply with their orders.

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On Tuesday, April 19th and Wednesday April 20th, recruiters from the U.S. Army,U.S. Marine Corps, and U.S. Navy will be at the Watsonville High Senior Day, organized by Watsonville Cabrillo College and Watsonville High. Please join us in informing youth and the public about the truths of war and the military and alternatives to enlistment. Our youth deserve positive jobs, scholarships, and higher education, not psychological warfare and military occupation.

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