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Self Defense Skillshare: Session 2

Continuing series of Saturday Self Defense Skillshares

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Rachel Corrie

The Killing of Rachel Corrie
Amnesty International Press Release
Wed. 16 March 2005

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SCAP Prevention Services Still Rolling Quietly Along

Education and Prevention Services at the Santa Cruz AIDS Project (SCAP) are still rolling along, steadily picking up momentum—and they want to make sure that you know it, too. The agency has experienced some dramatic changes over the past 3 months which have been played out in some areas of the local media. The result has been a misconception among some that the 20 year old agency is offering no education or prevention services.

Recent headlines have focused on the January dismissal of the majority of Education and Prevention staff at SCAP. Behind the headlines, a new basic structure for Education and Prevention has been developed and is diligently working towards dispelling the myth that SCAP’s prevention work has ceased.

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Save the Salinas Public Libraries

ALL of Salinas's public libraries are scheduled to SHUT DOWN for lack of funds. Join an Historic 24-Hour Emergency Read-In to save them!

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Global Day of Action on the 2nd Anniversary of the Invasion of Iraq: Saturday, March 19, 2005

Global protests are planned for the second anniversary of the Iraq invasion.

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