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The Privati$ation of Public Education

The privatization of public education has become a closer reality throughout the years, as UC, CSU, community college, and K-12 students have seen brutal attacks on their education. For the 2004-2005 school year, undergrad students were hit with a 14% increase and graduate students with a 25% increase in tuition. For the 2005-2006 school year, undergrad students might see a rise of another 8% and grads a 10% increase in tuition; there is a 3% general fund increase as well.

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Racism In the UCSC Institution

Statistically, 81% of EAOP students who entered the UC system were still continuing their education after 3 years ( So, why is the state legislature trying to gradually diminish programs like this one and raise tuition at the same time?

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Labor Struggles Continue at UCSC

It appears that UC is bending over backwards to offer Ms. Denton and Ms. Kalonji such lucrative incentives at the same time that service and clerical workers have been without a contract for months, and struggle to stay above the poverty line.

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A Family in Baghdad

the mother and sons keep a web log on
The notions of religion are different from those of society. The Islamic Religion is much more fair to women, than the back-wards notions of society.
A lot of injustice was heaped upon women in our Islamic world, and usually religion is the accused, but I do not see it as the real reason.

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Respect All Families

At the center of the controversy were upside down pink triangles posted inside of classrooms.

A pink triangle was worn by prisoners in Nazi Germany whose only "crime" was being born homosexual. It has been adopted by the GLBTI movement both in memory of oppression in the past and as a symbol of hope for a better present and future.

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