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16 propositions, 1 ballot. Confused? Last-minute links and info for voters.

Sixteen state propositions, six of which conflict, make today's ballot one of the most complicated in recent memory. Here are some links and tips, if you haven't had time to investigate yet. My slate? Vote for Democrats; YES on J, N, 59, 60, 60A, 66, 70, 71; NO on others; Madrigal, Reilly, Robert Norse (write-in), and Coral Brune (write-in) for Santa Cruz City Council.

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LOCAL Announcement :: Education & Youth

Phoenix Rising

Phoenix Rising - Queer Music, Art and Film Festival
November 2-7 2004
Benefit for the Santa Cruz Teen Center's new queer youth group Wilde Nights! Check out for more information

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Old Enough to Care, Too Young to Vote

At about 6:30 PM on Friday October 29, Ray, Joelle and Shane were walking down Soquel Ave. in Santa Cruz. Our conversation focused on the upcoming elections, discrimination towards youth, and what we want to change in our society.
(14 minutes / 4.8 MB)

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Free Radio Santa Cruz and Critical Mass Radio Network - sElection 2004

Next Coordinated Broadcast:
Friday, October 29th, 2004

Broadcast Theme:
2004 Election


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Halloween Hypocrisy: Christians Versus The Pagans in Public Schools

The manipulation of public school agenda by Christian parents in America is quite overwhelming. It is as if they are hell bent on making the public schools into Christian schools. But then, our own President Bush is hell bent on making this a Christian nation, so I guess this is no surprise. But I am constantly *stunned* at the level of assumed privilege Christian parents bring to the public school forum. Halloween is a perfect example of this. I have now watched Christian parents in Washington state take both sides of this Halloween issue, depending on which side benefits them at that time.

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