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Celebracion del Mural -- Mural Celebration on 9/9

Por favor acompananos a celebrar la finalizacion del mural en Beach Flats.

Please join us to celebrate the completion of the Beach Flats mural.

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Spearhead Concert 9-11-04 SF

Spearhead will be holding a free concert "Power to the Peaceful" in SF on 9-11-04.

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When People Are Left Out: Is It Insulated Privilege or Is It Self-Imposed Martyrdom?

It is hard to tell what is going on when people get left out of things. I have noticed that when things get to the point where those who want to participate cannot, due to class privilege, the poor usually either shut up and leave, or are labeled whiners. We need to talk re this.

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An Israeli Spy in the Pentagon? Why would They Bother

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Learn about problems with pesticides and safe options

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