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The Empire of Ignorance, Hypocrisy and Obedience

Article by the author of The Empire of Ignorance, Hypocrisy and Obedience, first published on CommonDreams and in Australia's largest newspapers.
The American people didn't know its troops abused prisoners in Iraqi jails. Ignorance. Officials who knew pretend they didn't know. Hypocrisy. The parents of soldiers say their kids were forced to follow orders. Obedience. Read on...

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Goat Mowers at Work

The goat mowers are still chomping on the hillsides around santa cruz high.

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software blocks school access to homosexuality

browncoverstory31.jpegMay 17th was the anniversary of the passage of the Brown vs. the Board of Education Act.

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V Chip provides more personal returns

science and technology meeting our needs

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The KZSC Laugh Riot

laughriot_bottom.jpgThe KZSC Laugh Riot, a comedy benefit for KZSC radio, will be held Friday, May 28th. Hosted by Jesse Thorn, "America's Radio Sweetheart" and Jordan Morris, "Boy Detective," and featuring sketch from the Kasper Hauser Skit Club and Prank the Dean, as well as standup from W. Kamau Bell and Jasper Redd. Visit or expand this article for more info... we'd *love* to have some indymedia folks there.

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