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US Homeless and Poverty Rates Skyrocket While Billions Spent Overseas

In the last two years homelessness and poverty has risen on a national average by about 40 percent. Meanwhile the US is sending 4 billion overseas to occupy Iraq and 1.9 Billion to occupy Afghanistan. 60 percent of new homeless cases are single women with children.

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Come to the Campus Greens National Convention!!!

Campus Greens National Convention
University of Texas, Austin
August 7-10, 2003

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The Painful Truth Comes Out

California Democrats busted plotting against the people via

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The purpose of the Front is to aknowledge that the purpose of the public education system has more to do with the system then it has to do with public education. The purpose of the Front is to organize a student resistance capable of going on strike, of self education, of fighting back. The purpose of the Front is to aknowledge that we're sick of this systematic mass therapy bullshit and to take the school out of the hands of the plutocracy, even if that means abandoning it.

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What are the Palestinian refugee camps really like?

UNRWA's close identification to the local population and its ideology makes one conclude that indirectly, UNRWA is actually supporting terrorism.

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