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ART IN ACTION performance pix

The Art in Action Camp is a ten-day summer camp for 16 to 25 year-olds that brings together poets, singers, dancers, artists and other young visionaries to create a vision of freedom and hope for the future—while voicing opposition to corporate war abroad and the criminalization of youth at home.

Art in Action took place this year from August 16 through August 25 at the Quaker Center in Ben Lomond, on an 80-acre redwood forest just twenty minutes north of Santa Cruz. Art in Action's final day, August 25, concluded with a 7:00 pm evening public performance in the Santa Cruz Veteran's Hall at 846 Front Street, Santa Cruz. (announcement)

Photos: [ vol 1 I vol 2 I vol 3 ]


Announcement :: Alternative Media : Arts & Culture : Education & Youth : Peace & War : Resistance & Tactics

Art in Action • Youth Power Arts Festival

An evening of original music, dance, theater and spoken word for peace, democracy and justice. Wednesday • August 25 • 7pm at the Santa Cruz Veterans’ Hall.

A Benefit for Art in Action Camp scholarships. Art in Action camps bring together young visionaries for 10 days to tell their stories, build community and cultivate positive alternatives to the madness of war and oppression. Through learning our histories, celebrating our cultures and linking the issues, we create a collaborative performance with giant puppets, hip-hop, dance, spoken word, and music to share with the community.

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The Need for “Scholarships? Marks the Class Separation

Whenever “scholarships? are required for anything, you can be guaranteed classism is present. A certain group is left out and no one notices. Then a member of the left out group speaks up, and says “Hey, how come I am left out?? Then the group who left them out in the first place, feels guilty, and tries to act like giving “scholarships? will even everything out. But that is a band-aid at best. As the classism that originally *caused* the need for a separate system for the poor to participate, remains.

Scholarships are merely band-aids to cover the class chasm. If you really want to make an even playing field, the real analysis required is not how to fund scholarships, but how to eliminate their need altogether. One must only look at *why* such scholarships are needed, to figure out why something is classist. It is not rocket science. I think scholarships are merely guilt tools for the elite. If they really cared about equality, they would eliminate a playing field that requires some to request *special* status just to participate like everyone else. Many of us just do not want to participate in things, if we have to be singled out for scholarships to participate. It is lacking dignity. I wish people would get this basic concept.

Kirsten Anderberg's website

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Save the Grass Field at Mission Hill Jr. High

grass_field.jpgThe PLASTIC TURF project at Mission Hill Jr. High School, with a four-lane perimeter athletic track, has been delayed for at least six months, pending resolution of legal action brought by the Mission Hill Neighbors and Parents Association (MHNPA). This project involves the removal of 1' of earth site-wide in a sensitive archeological area (the historic Mission District - see Archeologist's report (.pdf)), and the installation of site-wide plastic turf and track over ground used car tires (mixed with sand), at the cost of $1 MILLION.

WE STILL NEED YOUR HELP! Please contact the school board concerning how you feel about this project. It is imperative that opponents of this plan immediately contact, preferably by phone, the six school board members who will decide the issue of whether to proceed in the next few months with defending the action brought by MHNPA or settle.

Mission Hill Neighbors and Parents Association

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News :: Education & Youth : Peace & War

Texas and California Activists Launch Campaigns Opposing University Management Of Weapons Lab

abomb.jpgTexas activists oppose the University of Texas’ plans to takeover management of the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, while California activists want the University of California to end its role in managing the lab.

Los Alamos is the birthplace of the atomic bomb and a key Department of Energy (DOE) facility for new work on mini-nukes and bunker buster nuclear
weapons. UC has managed the weapons lab since 1943. But the DOE decided last year to open the management contract to competitive bidding. The
DOE’s National Nuclear Security Administration will issue a Request for Proposal (RFP) schedule “in the near future.?

UT Nuke Free will act as a clearinghouse for Texas opposition to the University of Texas' pursuit of the Los Alamos National Laboratory management contract.

The UC Nuclear Free campaign seeks to end the University of California's role in researching, developing and producing nuclear weapons – weapons
capable of destroying civilization and most life on earth.

[ UT Nuke Free I UC Nuclear Free I The WMDs are in New Mexico! (video clips) ]



LOCAL News :: Education & Youth : Globalization & Capitalism : Labor & Economics : Media Criticism : Transportation

Students and Workers Teach Republicans a Lesson in Solidarity

1.jpgOn Thursday, UCSC's College Republicans held a rally against the striking Metro bus drivers. While publicized all over campus, only a handful of students showed up to join them.

However, having heard of the anti-worker rally, students from the Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan (MEChA) and the Student and Worker Coalition for Justice (SWCJ), who have been very active supporting the bus drivers, were quick to react. They carpooled down to the rally and had far outnumbered the Republicans even before they arrived. While the mainstream media jumped at the opportunity to discredit the bus drivers' union (UTU Local 23), the pro-worker students showed that UCSC is overwhelmingly in solidarity with the bus drivers.

On Monday at UCSC, over 50 students and workers walked into Mike Rotkin's office, resulting in his acknowledgement that the Transit Board made a bad decision. On Friday, students and workers from UCSC will march at 4pm from the base of campus to the downtown Metro Center to show their solidarity.

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LOCAL Announcement :: Arts & Culture : Education & Youth : Resistance & Tactics

Free Skool Teacher Deadline for Winter Quarter

The Free Skool Winter Quarter teacher registration deadline is coming up October 15th. If you wish to teach a class, we'll need some concrete information from you before then. Winter Quarter runs Nov 1 to Jan 31.

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LOCAL Announcement :: Education & Youth : Labor & Economics : Transportation

March Friday to Support Bus Drivers & Get Buses Rolling!

For those of you who don't already know, there will be a BIG MARCH this Friday to support Metro's striking bus drivers in their struggle to get the buses rolling again. With enough support, the workers can get a new contract and things can go back to normal. The details:

March and Rally to End the Bus Strike by Supporting Workers Meet: 4pm, base of UCSC campus, Friday March to downtown's Metro Center for rally at 5

If you can't make it Friday, there's two other actions you can attend:

1) Solidarity rally at the downtown Metro Center Thursday evening at 6pm

2) Show that students support workers and join the Student and Worker Coalition for Justice, MEChA and others in countering the College Republicans Thursday from 12-2 at the downtown Metro Center.

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LOCAL News :: Civil & Human Rights : Education & Youth : Globalization & Capitalism

25 Cents Makes a Difference: Wash Out the Sweat

difference_10-5-05.jpgSome more photos from the October 5 demonstration at UCSC demanding that UC Santa Cruz adhere to their own Code of Conduct which prohibits the purchase of apparel made in sweatshops.

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LOCAL News :: Civil & Human Rights : Education & Youth : Globalization & Capitalism

UCSC is in Violation of their Code of Conduct

livingwage_10-5-05.jpgOn October 5, UC Santa Cruz students, workers and Santa Cruz community members held a rally in the Baytree Plaza to raise awareness about the sweatshop-made uniforms purchased for dinning hall workers and the sweatshop-made UCSC apparel. After the rally in the Baytree Plaza, we marched to the office of Chancellor Denise Denton which is in the same building as the McHenry Library.

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