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LOCAL Announcement :: Education & Youth

GDI & Dances With Kittens presents SOUTHLANDER Friday 29 July 8pm

Join us at this benefit for Dances With Kittens -- a local youth collective working for social change and the removal of recruiters in our schools. Don't get cornfused. This is a special benefit screening THIS Friday. Chicken Run is NEXT Friday.

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News :: Education & Youth

Prevent Human Experimentation in Schools

Kids & teachers Are NOT Lab Rats!

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LOCAL Announcement :: Education & Youth

Free Skool Santa Cruz Summer Quarter Begins

From Spanish language classes to forage and storage, Free Skool Santa Cruz offers a decentralized educational network outside the system for $19,926 less than UCSC

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LOCAL Announcement :: Alternative Media : Arts & Culture : Education & Youth

Gorilla Drive with dances with kittens presents the southLANDER (7/29)

Gorilla drive in and DWK the youth activism coalition are joining to present to you The southlander: diary of a desparate musician. This brilliant movie features an amazing cast beck, elliot smith, beth orton, hank williams3, ross angeles and more Come check it out on the29

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Commentary :: Education & Youth

The Ancient Wisdom of the Breath

This is one area of inner exploration that deserves respect for the powerful healing ability it is able to offer.

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