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Sexism in the Stalls?

Overall, the Seabright Brewery seems like a fun, locally-owned brew pub that makes some decent beers on site. The employees and locals seem to like it and it's conveniently located in Santa Cruz near the beach. However, a peek into the women's restroom shows outmoded imagery that makes light of the victimization of women. What's behind the Women's Room door?

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Cindy Sheehan Solidarity Vigil

8.12.05 - Weekly Vigil Stands with Cindy Sheehan

Standing With Cindy Sheehan 08.12.05.JPG
this friday the ongoing peace vigil stood in solidarity with cindy sheehan, the bone in the craw of the criminal from crawford, g. weasel bush.

one woman has finally captured the franchise on truth, and is forcing the president toward accountability.

see also: Gold Star Families for Peace || Portlanders Rally Downtown in Support of Cindy Sheehan

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'Cuban Five' Ruling Reversed, New Trial Scheduled

On August 9, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals located in southern Florida reversed a trial court ruling against “the Cuban five� and ordered a new trial with a mandated change of venue for the five Cuban agents arrested in 1998 for conspiring to commit espionage. Fernando González, 41; Rene González (no relation to Fernando), 49; Antonio Guerrero, 46; Gerardo Hernández, 39; and Ramon Labañino, 41, were convicted in Miami before a trial judge and jury whose anti-Castro bona fides was so palpable that it poisoned any resemblance to a fair trial. Since then, indignant civic leaders, both here and abroad, have been pushing for a re-trial in a less biased region of the country.


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Solidarity with the EZLN in Coyoacan, Mexico || Solidaridad con el EZLN en Coyoacan México

Last month, activists painted a huge red star in Mexico City’s Zocalo to help bring attention to the Red Alert issued by the EZLN. On July 31, 2005, activists in solidarity with the EZLN used a variety of tactics to educate people in downtown Coyoacan, Mexico City about the Sixth Declaration from the Lacandona Jungle and the ongoing Zapatista struggle for land, work, dignity, health, food, education and respect.

El pasado mes un grupo de activistas pintaron una estrella roja en el zócalo de la ciudad de México, en solidaridad con la alerta roja lanzada por los Zapatistas. El 31 de Julio del 2005 se realizaron actividades en solidaridad con el EZLN en el centro de Coyoacan de la Ciudad de México, el tema era la Sexta Declaración de la Selva Lacandona donde se pide tierra, trabajo, dignidad, salud, alimentación, educación y respeto.

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Felton Passes Measure to Take Back Water Utility

On Tuesday, July 26th, Felton residents passed an eleven million dollar bond, intiating the process of buying back their local water utility. For the past three years, their water service has been owned by a subsidiary of the German-owned, mulitnational corporation, RWE Thames Water.

A spokesman for the company has stated that that they have no intention of selling the utility and hinted at a long, expensive legal battle if Felton residents follow through with eminent domain proceedings

Multinational corporations are buying up water rights worldwide. About five percent of the global water supply is controlled by private companies. This privatization raises concerns, and in some places, like Bolivia, water privatization has caused deadly conflict.

Audio: FSRN: Felton Voters Support Local Water Control

[ Felton Flow || Felton Water News || Water For All ]



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Celebrate MLK Jr. on Monday (1/16)


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Bush could seize absolute control of U.S. government

President George W. Bush has signed executive orders giving him sole authority to impose martial law, suspend habeas corpus and ignore the Posse Comitatus Act that prohibits deployment of U.S. troops on American streets. This would give him absolute dictatorial power over the government with no checks and balances.

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Social Disorder

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LISTS--CIA Planes; European Spy-Nests; CIA Front Co.s, DDO Rodriguez

EU AGREED TO CIA PRISON FLIGHTS -- With these words: "Both sides [EU-US] agreed on ... increased use of European transit facilities to support the
return of criminal/inadmissible aliens...."

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Justice for Chiquita and Banadex

Earlier today, someone on the other side of the Potomac
(visitors I.P., US Dept of Justice)
did a Yahoo! search for Banadex (a division of Chiquita Brands), and read my coverage of their corporate impunity enjoyed at expense of US taxpayers. One would expect the Department of Justice would already know about the the case history of Banadex: they've been fined as recently as 2 years ago for their crimes in Honduras. Journalists who have publicly challenged Chiquita in the past have been dogged by lawyers and stalked on the internet, especially the award winning "journalist in exile" Ignacio Gomez, who eventually found refuge in Cuba.

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