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Mother's Day established by women as anti-war protest

Mother's Day was orininally known as Mother's Day for Peace. It was started by Civil War women whose husbands and sons were killed in the Civil War

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Tent University at Colorado College

This article is both an invitation and an announcement of Tent University at Colorado College, a 24 hour social forum and arts festival to be held from noon on May 13th through noon on May 14th. The event will also be held in solidarity with the Santa Cruz comunity.

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PIX: War Resister Camilo Mejia Speaks at SC Vets Hall

camilo_mejia_3.jpg05-04-05 -- Photos by MATT FITT -- On Wednesday evening, war resister Camilo Mejia spoke to a full house at the Santa Cruz Veterans' Hall.

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LOCAL Commentary :: Civil & Human Rights

Letter to D.A. Bob Lee

The following letter was delivered to Bob Lee today (May 6th) in hopes of getting some clear documentation of what's going on with the Drug War locally. It might then be possible to get the ACLU off its well-funded butt to look at our local jails, our local prosecutor, and our local lawmakers instead of ignoring all these "liberal" politicians in favor of national fundraising.

I encourage others to call Lee at 454-2400. Roger Mentch of The Hemporium, recently harassed by Lee's office for a year and a half, is only the tip of the iceberg.

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U.S. Holding Journalists Without Charge in Iraq

The Rumsfeld war on journalism continues. Story from Democracy Now.
DOGSPOT #1 documented the beginning of this shameful legacy.

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