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WHY is Exposure, Investigation Critical? Prosecute electoral fraud = Quell Fascism.

Have republicans in both houses secured seats and hence majority status on the backs of voting machines instead of the backing of the People. Is their good fortune due more to faulty, partisan electronic malfeasence ? INSTEAD of selection made by the force of good ideas, positive path platforms and real, honest acceptance by committed, concerned constituents seeking genuine change. Alarm bells are rringing among the populace, with a recent poll saying 72% believe we are heading in the wrong direction! I believe the citizenry is activated, aware and aghast- WHY is this resonance not reflected in the representation, RutRoh!

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Good News!! Congress Votes to Eliminate Funding For New Nuclear Weapons

Congress voted on November 20, 2004 to eliminate funding for new nuclear weapons.

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GAO to Conduct Investigation of 2004 Election Irregularities

On its own authority, the GAO will examine the security and accuracy of voting technologies, distribution and allocation of voting machines, and counting of provisional ballots.

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Republicans Cry "Election Fraud" in Ukraine

Bush's cronies would know election fraud, wouldn't they? However, unlike John Kerry, in Ukraine the anti-Bush forces haven't rolled over and played dead - they're defending their country from a hostile takeover.

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News :: Government & Elections


If Bush won Ohio, and thus the electoral college's allocation, by 136,483 votes, and at the bare minimum of 285,000 presumably Democratic votes were 'lost, spoiled, or mutilated' in Ohio alone, then who really won?

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