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Commentary :: Government & Elections

Bush Beats Brutal Competition to Become Al-Qaida’s “Man of the Year?

Isn’t it funny how the guy who talks the most about defeating terrorists has done the absolute worst job of doing it? Well, no, it’s not, and what’s even more so not funny is that, if the U.S. gets hit again before the election, it would probably condemn us to another four years of the same bad routine. For more details, read on.

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Counterpunch article full of lies about Israel

At the popular website, ,the following article relating the experiences of a husband and wife team, Kathleen and Bill Chistison who recently visited "Palestine" was printed as the lead feature article on Sept. 24, 2004. The article is re-printed below in its entirety with my frequent comments imbedded. Please note the frequent blatant untruths and the glaring ommissions which, for the naive reader, leave the impression that the Palestinians are fine, good people and the Israelis are evil and brutal.

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Commentary :: Government & Elections

How Can Kerry Beat Bush? Just the Facts, Man

If John Kerry is looking for a sure-fire way to fire George Bush and send him on his way, it’s simple: spread the truth about Dubya’s truly horrid record. For more details, read on.

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Ralph Nader vs Washington Post on Israel


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