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BTL:Planned Parenthood Court Challenge Overturns GOP-Backed...'

...Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act~ Interview with Beth Parker, attorney representing Planned Parenthood in the Partial Birth Abortion Ban court case, conducted by Between the Lines' Melinda Tuhus

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Committee to Defeat George Bush Santa Cruz

no_bush.jpgLocals interested in ‘energizing’ the democratic base’ can contact the ‘Committee to Defeat George Bush Santa Cruz’.

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Commentary :: Government & Elections

Rat in a Drain Ditch, Caught on a Limb

It’s been a long, dark, strange trip these past three-plus years, but rejoice, dear readers: Bush is toast! How can this be, you ask, and how can one be so sure? Read on, and be ye comforted: Find out why the Bushman goeth come November.

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Reagan and the Eighties

“…Homeless by choice.? Trees that pollute more than automobiles. “Facts are stupid things.? Outlawing the Soviet Union. “If you’ve seen one redwood, you’ve seen ‘em all.? ‘Star Wars’ missile defense system. Astrologers in the White House. “I’ve never played a governor.? “We begin bombing in five minutes…?

Never doubt that Reagan did some truly evil things. Every time I see a mentally unstable homeless person in California, and you can see a lot of them in places like my hometown of Santa Cruz, I think of Reagan’s deregulation of the mental institutions when he was governor. There are so many more, including claiming that Guatemalan dictator Gen. Efrain Rios Montt, was "totally dedicated to democracy" while he was wiping out villages in Guatemala. Allowing the CIA to mine harbors in Nicaragua. Approving of the atrocities in Argentina. Bombing Libya. The list goes on and on.

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Commentary :: Government & Elections

BTL:The Ballots of 1 Million African-American and Latino Voters Likely to be...

..."Lost" in 2004 Presidential Election ~ Interview with Greg Palast, BBC investigative reporter, conducted by Between the Lines' Scott Harris

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