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Review :: Government & Elections

California Voter Recommendations

Liberation News stands in full agreement with the voter recommendations of the Freedom Socialist Party and is distributing them as our own.

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LOCAL Announcement :: Education & Youth : Government & Elections

Cabrillo College Voter Rally (11/8)

Cabrillo College students have organized a
Voter Rally to encourage Cabrillo students to get out and vote in the California Special elections.
The event takes place Novemeber 8th (Election Day) from 11 a.m.- 2 p.m. in the 900 Building (Student Center.) Public speakers, food, raffles and and more. This event is free.

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Commentary :: Government & Elections : Peace & War : Resistance & Tactics

Populist #15

Deficiencies of Our Current Federal System, continued

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News :: Globalization & Capitalism : Government & Elections : Labor & Economics : Peace & War

Rove Insider Helped ''Distribute'' Lost Cash in Iraq

Michael Ledeen, a trusted aid to Karl Rove and close associate of Larry Franklin, can provide the missing details in the Rove/CIA Niger Uranium investigation. In the spirit of The New American Century, Ledeen reaped cash benefits as a direct result of the war in Iraq.
Many were recruited through the Heritage Foundation website, where they had posted their résumés. They were paid six-figure salaries out of Iraqi funds, and most served in 90-day rotations before returning home with their war stories. One such volunteer was Simone Ledeen, daughter of leading neoconservative Michael Ledeen. Unable to communicate in Arabic and with no relevant experience or appropriate educational training, she nevertheless became a senior advisor for northern Iraq at the Ministry of Finance in Baghdad. Another was former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer’s older brother Michael who, though utterly unqualified, was named director of private-sector development for all of Iraq.

Money for Nothing
The American Conservative


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Commentary :: Environment & Food : Globalization & Capitalism : Government & Elections : Labor & Economics : Technology

Bhopal Revealed as World's Largest Insurance Fire

"Former Union Carbide project engineer Umesh Nanda told the court that at the time of the disaster the management was planning to dismantle the plant, which was running huge losses."

reported by AFP


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