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Time for the Annual IMF Dance Party

Last year's IMF/World Bank protest was a colorful demonstration of peaceful alternatives to the culture of war. Is it any more important to protest this year, with Paul Wolfowitz taking office as the new president of the World Bank?

I don't think so.


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Rockin' the Boat: Two Recent Segments

Here are two recent segments from Rockin' the Boat, on 101.1 FM, FRSC, each Friday afternoon from 3-5.

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Dear Students and Readers of The Project

In place of our regular monthly issue, we at The Project have put together a little primer on the upcoming strike by service (represented by the AFSCME union) and clerical (the CUE union) workers on April 14th. We hope this paper helps to clarify the issues faced by the workers and the ways in which these issues are connected to student concerns.

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Dahr Jamail: Untold Horrors of Fallujah

The Fallujah General Hospital was the main source of news about civilian casualties in Fallujah when the attacks began: it has been completely destroyed and it's surviving doctors now operate in nearby Amiriyat al-Fallujah. They have strange tales to tell. In this story from Fallujah, Dahr Jamail reveals the tip of the iceberg.

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TUVALU at Santa Cruz Guerilla Drive-In

In a desolate and colorless landscape stands a dilapidated bathhouse run by a puffed-up blind man, his long-suffering wife, and their son Anton, who does all the work. He's lonely and unsophisticated, and he falls in love with the beautiful Eva, who comes to bathe with her father. Gorgeous and brimming with humor, Tuvalu is dreamy, creative, and romantic.

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