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LOCAL Interview :: Alternative Media : Media Criticism : Peace & War

Dahr Jamail on Free Radio Santa Cruz 101.1 FM

An interview with Dahr Jamail on 4-4-05 by Agusto Cesar Sandino Segundo on the global local show ONLY heard on Free Radio Santa Cruz, 101.1 FM and

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LOCAL Announcement :: Alternative Media : Media Criticism : Peace & War

Dahr Jamail event audio PSA

A three minute audio PSA produced live in the studios of Free Radio Santa Cruz by that global local, Agusto Cesar Sandino Segundo.

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LOCAL Review :: Alternative Media

Original FRSC Logo

Goin' Retro!

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LOCAL Commentary :: Alternative Media : Arts & Culture : Media Criticism

First Person Singular: FRSC Turns Ten Years Old

George Cadman of Free Radio Santa Cruz.

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Commentary :: Alternative Media : Media Criticism : Resistance & Tactics

Can the Left Tolerate Dissenting Views? The Case of Ward Churchill?

Censorship has inveigled itself into many Indymedia servers around the country. If the folks running the servers are going around deleting and ip banning posts from people more to the center, the whole ((i)) project is endangered. This writer questions whether we are going to allow dissent on the Ward Churchill controversy...a thread that has already been banned at one of three IMC's...

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