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America's Depleted Uranium Weapons Have Devastated Iraq

America's Depleted Uranium Weapons Have Devastated Iraq

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Thanks from FRSC, 10 years of Broadcasting

Hello Supporters of Free Radio Santa Cruz,

We wanted to send a big "thank you" to all of you that made our December benefit a success! By packing the packing the Rio full of supporters, we all helped to keep FRSC alive and well. We are broadcasting on 101.1 fm in Santa Cruz and internet-streaming all over the planet.

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FSRN: Alternatives to an Oil Driven Society

As the US Congress took a step forward to open up oil exploration in Alaska's National Wildlife Refuge last week, crude oil prices reached an all-time high of $57 per barrel on the world market. The ripple effect can be seen at gas stations around the US. FSRN's Vinny Lombardo looks at the causes, and examines some alternatives to an oil driven society.

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UC Administrators Rolling in Money - the PROJECT March 2005

The March 2005 edition of The Project, a student organized newspaper from UCSC, is now available at various cafes and other locations around Santa Cruz and here on Santa Cruz Indymedia. This current issue helps shed light on the fact that UC administrators are rolling in money. A Coalition of University Employees (CUE) fact-finding report discloses the hard numbers of the so-called “budget crisis.?

Also in this issue, you will find a guide to DIY pot, an investigation of U$ imperial interest in Iran, some thoughts on cross-species solidarity, reportbacks from the Students Against the War (SAW) teach-in, the 2005 World Social Forum, and much more...

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New Website Features Voices from the Bethlehem Ghetto

palestine_youth.jpgThe Bethlehem Bloggers website is dedicated to bringing first hand insight into life and politics inside Israeli-occupied Bethlehem. The site is managed by a diverse group of activists and professionals living and working in the area. An introductory statement posted to the website explains:

"We are Palestinians and internationals who are living in the Bethlehem region, and who want to tell the world what it is like to be living in occupied territory, under an economic siege, encircled by a wall and military checkpoints: what it is like to live in a Palestinian Ghetto."

[ Bethlehem Bloggers: Voices from the Bethlehem Ghetto | Bethlehem bloggers online ]

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