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SKILLSHARE from IndyConference: How to Do a [news] Radio Show

Tish, Lorie, Renee (chickpea), and Emily of Houston Independent Media Center Radio on KPFT 90.1 FM provided a detailed discussion of the major components of a [news] radio show and a hands on look at producing feature stories that can be used on your show and to share with other IMC radio shows. (38:41)

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Announcement :: Alternative Media

Call for Submissions: (un)civil society 1.1

a journal of emergent theory, short fiction, and artwork

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News :: Alternative Media

Esther Kaplan: On the Trail of the Christian Right


Esther Kaplan grew up in the only non-Christian family in her hometown of King's Valley, Oregon. Her childhood was deeply intertwined with those of Christian fundamentalists she played with and with whom her family socialized, even as she was often considered an oddity who needed to be converted. Later in life she was touched personally and then compelled into activity by the AIDS epidemic, particularly disturbed by the hateful response of some of the Christian Right who viewed AIDS as a just punishment from God against gays. It is this intimate familiarity with both the people who make up much of the base of the rapidly growing Christian Right in this country, as well as with the human cost and suffering being inflicted by the political operatives leading this movement, that Esther has approached the subject of the rising role Christian fundamentalism in this country.


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LOCAL News :: Alternative Media

Profit(eer)s from Tsunami Relief Concert?

If not OxFam, then where?

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LOCAL News :: Alternative Media : Media Criticism

Amy Goodman Accepts Ruben Salazar Journalism Award at UCSC

Prof. Paul Ortiz of UCSC's College Nine and Ten, Social Justice and Community Program presents Amy Goodman with Ruben Salazar Award for Journalism. :45

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