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June 10-12 Weekend of Resistance for Jeff 'Free' Luers

photo Freesitting Jan2005.jpgJune 10-12 will be a Weekend of Resistance for Jeff Luers this year. We are asking for your participation and active solidarity to plan actions, events, film screenings, shows-whatever you want-for that weekend. As always, the goal is to highlight Jeff's case and help him get out of prison sooner than his disgusting 23 year sentence.

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Mary and the Fat Man

folksinger Burl Ives played deep cover agent Dr. Hasselbacher in Our Man in HavanaHe sat with a bible on a bench in Iowa City. Not always the same bench. Each time I noticed words underlined in his special bible:
individual words.   

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Iman al-Hams route "to school" last Oct. 5th

photo Iman al-Hams trip to school.JPGFor the rabid anti-Israel mob, the death of a 13 year-old schoolgirl, shot while walking to school, is only more evidence of the intentional and willful violence committed by the IDF against Palestinian children. But is it? What are the facts? What do the various witnesses say? Was Iman al-Hams en route to school or was she engaged in a very different and deadly mission?

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A few pix from Felton Radio benefit

CesspoolBand_FeltonRadio_00.jpgA bunch of folks turned out Friday night at the Felton Community Hall to learn about independent media, support Felton Free Radio, and watch good movies. Plus, there was old-timey music to dance along with!

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Ralph Nader and Matt Gonzalez speak at the Rio

The event with Ralph Nader was a smashing success

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