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Burn Your Bill (of Rights) at the Inauguration

Danny Schechter of asks whether this year's inaugural protests will be covered. 4 years ago, they were very thoroughly covered by the media everywhere but in the US. And this year, the Forces of Doom believe they have a mandate for further oppression. Danny's interview with FBI special agent James W. Rice doesn't auger well for the those who prize the Bill of Rights.

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Technologies of the New World Order

a DOGSPOT investigative series: part one

I have personally witnessed the human effects of the technologies to be explained and exposed in this DOGSPOT exclusive series. If ignorance is death, then knowledge is essential to our life and liberty.

Technologies now routinely used by federal agents are so far outside of our normal expectations that witnesses report their encounters as alien visitations, if they have enough clarity of mind to report them at all. These technologies have been trickled down to the local level, and threaten the civil liberties of all Americans.

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Felton Independent Community Radio Benefit, Friday Jan 21st 7pm

Join us on Friday January 21st, starting at 7 o'clock at the Felton Community Hall, for a showing of the Coen Brothers film O Brother, Where Art Thou? A benefit to create an independent community radio station in the San Lorenzo Valley.

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Victims of Afghan War Remain in Limbo

Exactly 3 years ago, civilian casualties were mounting in Afghanistan and prisoners were drugged, hooded and dragged in chains to Guantanamo naval base.Alberto Gonzales, recently nominated by George Bush to replace John Ashcroft, established a legal argument that Guantanamo would be outside of any legal jurisdiction.

Prisoners still languish there, regardless of their innocence or guilt they have become pawns in a test of a presidential power.

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Bicycle Film Fest: Call For Entries

Bicycle Film Fest: Call For Entries

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