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La Cloaca Internacional

locutor.JPGPrograma radial que busca expresar el pensamiento de varios jóvenes de México y otras partes del mundo. Se renueva cada semana y toca temas distintos con buena música rock.

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Announcement :: Alternative Media

Independent Media Converges to Cover Bush Inauguration

Radio Coordinator: Selina; 202-250-4939; selina (at)
Photo and Print Coordinator: Nancy; 202-216-2817; nancy (at)
All Other Inquires: Chris; 202-413-2212; chrisstrohm (at) or Allison; 301-949-7639; allison (at)

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Indynewswire Reflection on Reclaim The Commons

From June 6 - 9, the BIO 2004 Annual Convention took place in San Francisco. Billed as “the largest gathering of biotechnology leaders in the world,? BIO 2004 invited industry insiders to San Francisco to “shape the future of biotechnology.?

Early on in 2004, the Green Bloc of Sonoma County, California called for a large grassroots mobilization to disrupt the Biotechnology Industry Organization's Annual Convention. The mobilization that emerged became known as Reclaim The Commons.

This 25 minute compilation has been produced for the Critical Mass Radio Network, Reclaim The Commons, Free Radio Santa Cruz, and the Indymedia tactic.

Listen to the Stream or Download the mp3

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LOCAL Announcement :: Alternative Media

Saturday, February 12 Alternative/Independent Media Conference in Fresno

There will be an alternative/independent media conference in Fresno on Saturday, February 12, 2005.

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Salinas City Concil Votes to Shutter Libraries

The City Council in Salinas, CA, birthplace to literary giant John Steinbeck, capped a series of contentious budget debates in mid-December with a decision to close all its public libraries next summer, becoming the largest US city to do so. FSRN reporter Vinny Lombardo has more... 3:31

This story originally broadcast on Monday December 20 edition of Free Speech Radio News.

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