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FRSC: Interview with Tracey James of Slave Revolt Radio

Skidmark Bob interviews Tracey James of Slave Revolt Radio in the studio of Free Radio Santa Cruz and talks about the show, the War in Iraq, Condi, Berkeley liberation Radio.

Listen to the Stream or Download the mp3

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Movie Producer Penny Little Comes to Santa Cruz to Finalize Filming of 'Electile Dysfunction'

On February 4th at 7:30 P.M. in the Veterans Memorial Building in downtown Santa Cruz (846 Front Street), Penny Little, the producer and director of the movie “Electile Dysfunction� will be at the Open Voting Consortium’s fundraiser event, camera in hand, to film activists, organizers, and members of the general public about the problems with the voting machines used in the last presidential election and alternative systems that can be adopted in the future. Speaking at the event will be activists Emily Levy, Project Coordinator of the Richard Hayes Philips project which discovered many election anomalies in Ohio, and Maureen Smith, long-time peace and social justice activist. Alan Dechert, president and founder of the Open Voting Consortium, will speak at the event to educate the public about the Consortium’s open voting system. The event will also feature showings of clips from the movies “Votergate� and Little’s most recent version of her film “Electile Dysfunction,� live music from the political rock band Ms. Information and the Santa Cruz Jazz Society, and a dance performance by the Federal Dancing Authority. Activists from as far as San Francisco and Berkeley will be attending the event, including Gary Hewlett, one of the organizers of the Mainstreet Moms Operation Blue (formerly known as Mainstreet Moms Oppose Bush).


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A Night at the Rio to Benefit Free Radio Santa Cruz

In response to the FCC raiding Free Radio Santa Cruz on 9/29/04, Utah Phillips called up FRSC with the idea of a benefit concert to help get our pirate station sailing the airwaves again. Many people throughout the Santa Cruz area donated their time and resources to organize a fantastic musical benefit on December 10, 2004.

A commenter writes: Great pictures from a fantastic evening! Initially, I wasn't excited about going to see folk music, but the show completely overwhelmed me. ALL of the performers were AMAZING (including Faith Petric, the 89-year-old Wonder Woman, who sang the most honest song about the male-dominated priesthood I have ever heard!). I left the show energized, feeling more connected with *all* generations of progressive people. (I think it was *the* thing that finally shook off my month-long Post-Election Hangover, too. Thanks.) Did I hear talk about this becoming an annual event???? ;-)

Photos from the Benefit: A Night at the Rio with FRSC and Friends
Audio: FRSC Live Music Benifit at the Rio

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Iraq Elections Free and Fair?

George Cadman of Free Radio Santa Cruz (101.1 fm / interviews Chris Toensing of The Middle East Research and Information Project ( about the Iraq elections on January 30th. Chris Toensing is the Executive Director of MERIP and the editor of The Middle East Report.

Audio: Listen to the Stream or Download the mp3 (38 minutes / 15.3 MB)

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Man In Black Marches Ahead Of First Night Parade With A Sign

This year a group of Soldiers’ families was prevented from marching with a banner that would have listed the names and pictures of their loved ones who were in Iraq. This year also, a Man In Black (who typically dresses as Man In Black for Peace Friday at the corner of Ocean and Water from 4:30-5:30PM most Fridays) was excluded from the rear of the parade because he was carrying a sign that read “No More Depleted Uranium Weapons�.

Audio: CMRN: First Night Censorship?

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Winning the Vote - Triumph of the American Women Suffrage Movement Thursday Dec 1, 6:30pm

WINNING THE VOTE – Triumph of the American Woman Suffrage Movement, a photo & word documentary book by Santa Cruz historian Robert P. J. Cooney, Jr., will be premiered and honored by eight local women’s and community groups on Thursday Dec. 1st, 6:30pm at the First Congregational Church fellowship hall, 900 High St., Santa Cruz. Cynthia Mathews, Santa Cruz City Mayor, sister Sara Wood Smith and their father Kirk Smith are related to Sara Bard Field a prominent woman suffragist featured in the book.

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Grassroots and Buccaneer Broadcasters

Especially because of its low cost, easy availability, and widespread accessibility to listeners, the pirate radio movement has been growing, and in effect, has been democratisizing and localizing radio for the masses.

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Indymedia News vs. Neighbor's Account

Because of the explicitly democratic nature of Indymedia, my sociology professor wished to know the differences between Indymedia and a neighbor yelling about what he did that day from across the street. Since anyone has access to publishing on the Indymedia site, and everyone has their own concept of what is "newsworthy", one might think that these two modes of information profileration are very similiar. I intend to show how Indymedia is a equal or greater news souce than one's ranting neighbor.

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Walmart: the High Cost of Low Price - Nov 15-19

What: Premier of Robert Greenwald's Documentary,
"Walmart: the High Cost of Low Price
When: Nov 15-19
The largest grassroots screening in history!

15 screenings in Santa Cruz & Northern Monterey County.

For more information on the Santa Cruz screenings, go to

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Minutemen Facilitating High Level Movement Of Cocaine?


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