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More Repression of Internet Alternatives

The ASCII squat, a free public internet space run by hackers and
activists in Amsterdam, is getting evicted at this moment by the local

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Glimpsing a Liberated Future with Chairman Avakian

This is an excerpt of an interview conducted with Sunsara Taylor by Luciente Zamora during the week of the Republican National Convention. The full interview can be seen at

Luciente:Can you speak to the crucial role of revolutionary communists, the Revolutionary Communist Youth Brigade in taking out and promoting and popularizing our Chairman Bob Avakian?

Sunsara: Let me say this on a personal level, there are a lot of things I hate in this world and that have outraged me over the years and been moved to do something about. But it's a big leap you make when you decide to be a conscious revolutionary communist.


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LOCAL News :: Alternative Media : Globalization & Capitalism : Police State

United States of America v. Transmissions on 101.1 MHz in Santa Cruz



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The New York Model: Indymedia and the Text Message Jihad

Throughout the week in New York, independent journalists and activist groups used text-messaging technology to coordinate an impressive, groundbreaking campaign of direct action and comprehensive news reporting.

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AUDIO: The Inner Side: Free Radio Santa Cruz

Inner Side #24

Free Radio Santa Cruz

Download the mp3 (30 minutes / 24 megabytes)


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