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Salinas Public Libraries will Close in the New Year

The three Salinas Public Libraries will close for an indefinite period of time soon after January 1, 2005. According to the website for the Salinas Public Libraries, these closures are part of the 9.2 million dollars in the service reductions incurred by the City of Salinas due to loss of revenues from the State of California, higher fees imposed by Monterey County, slower than expected economic recovery, and increased costs of employee health insurance and retirement benefits. Exact dates and details are to be determined. The Salinas Public Libraries may close in July, 2005 according to an interview on KCRW with Anna Caballero, Mayor of Salinas.

Reduced Hours Effective January 11, 2005

Audio: Salinas City Concil Votes to Shutter Libraries

[ Salinas Public Library I Friends of the Salinas Public Library ]

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Felton Free Radio - a benefit to support SLV Independent Community Radio

This is a chance for Felton residents and others in the San Lorenzo Valley to get involved in independent media and support their own community radio node. With the ongoing FLOW/CalAm struggle, we are ready for more local independent voices in our community.

Friday January 21st from 7pm to 11pm
Felton Grocery Outlet parking lot

We'll be helped out by Santa Cruz Guerilla Drive-In, Felton FLOW, Grocery Outlet, Santa Cruz Indymedia Project, and a few other groups. We'll have food, entertainment, inspiring speakers, a feature film, and a few great short films. We'll have popcorn, drinks, cookies, and maybe musical entertainment.

We'll have a few special guests talking about the need for independent media. More local media voices in our community means more help with our local struggle.

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Ozomatli Interview on Free Radio Santa Cruz

On 12-9-04 Ozomatli played a gig in Santa Cruz, CA and before the sound check Uli and Jiro from the band came down to the Free Radio Santa Cruz studio and did an interview with AC Sandino Segudno. Included are a few songs from previous and current albums.

Total time is 39 mintues 42 seconds and the file is 18 MB.

[ Listen to the Stream or Download the mp3 ]

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FRSC Benefit w/ Utah Phillips, The Devil Makes Three, Keith Greeninger and Faith Petric

Come enjoy the music of legendary folk musician Utah Phillips in concert with Keith Greeninger and Faith Petric, along with the bootstomping sounds of The Devil Makes Three, an all-acoustic trio from Santa Cruz, at a benefit for Free Radio Santa Cruz. The event will take place on Friday, December 10th at 7:30 pm at the Rio Theatre, 1205 Soquel Avenue.

Audio PSAs: [ 1 - 2 ]
Photos from the Benefit: A Night at the Rio with FRSC and Friends


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Looking Back Five Years to the Battle of Seattle

November 30, 1999 represented a triumphal moment for worldwide civil resistance against a global economic system that gives private corporations more power than governments. In the morning hours of N30, 1999, tens of thousands of activists from across the globe converged in the streets of downtown Seattle, to shut down meetings of the World Trade Organization, the undemocratic, international governing forum of neoliberal globalization.

The conflict became infamous around the world, partially because of the violent police response to the largely peaceful demonstrations. In years since, N30 has been remembered in the streets of Seattle and around the globe, with marches, rallies and celebrations of resistance. Dialogues about the effectiveness of the movement have multiplied in number, both within and beyond activist circles. The date is also remembered as the birth of the Independent Media Center,

At the WTO protests in Seattle, we had a collective vision. We saw beyond the borders that divide us. We saw people come together across every kind of political and cultural difference and stand up in a way that we had not seen in this country for decades. We saw peaceful protests shut down one of the most powerful institutions in the world and we saw a system dazed and frightened by the sound of our voices.



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Indynewswire Show: Paris Burning, KFC Protest, Foothill Counter-Recruitment, Radio Algiers

cg.jpgby Bradley & V-Man

The Indynewswire Show airs every Monday from 1-3pm on Free Radio Santa Cruz, 101.1 FM. On this edition we speak with a volunter from Radio Algiers in New Orleans. The unlicensed station was recently visited by the FCC. Also, we talk with folks at a counter-recruitment protest at Foothill College, discuss the Paris/France uprising, provide coverage of a rally at KFC, and hear about the California special election, Plus some great music from Mule Train (Santa Cruz musicians), Ryan Harvey, Defiance, Ohio, K-Otix, Mos Def, King Missile, The Coup, and more. (2 hours and 10 minutes / 44.6 MB)

Audio: Download the mp3 or (download torrent)

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Batan: Hiding the Dark Side of Mar Del Plata

Families of the Magdalena prison victims were held back by police.
A one line comment in Argentina Indymedia says Fernando Catz and Roger Sampedro have been sent to Batan: a place with a reputation as bad as any prison in Argentina. All the prisons are crowded, and the media, even the BBC has speculated the reason is a "crime wave" precipated by economic collapse.

This is false. The facts indicate otherwise.
It is for this reason former president Menen is hiding in Chile right now.
A CHILEAN judge yesterday threw out Argentine judges’ second request to extradite former president Carlos Menem for questioning about allegations that $60 million was embezzled from funds to be used to build two prisons.

The Scotsman: June 9, 2003


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CITY OF GOD at Santa Cruz Guerilla Drive-In (11/11)

Our last film of the GDI summer series. It's getting chilly, so bring warm clothes, blankets, and mulled wine, hot apple cider, or tea to share with your neighbors.

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Nacionalbolchevismo, la lucha REAL

Nacionalbolchevismo, la lucha REAL

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To save the Bay of La Paz & Gulf of California

This is an effort to save the most biologically diverse body of water on Earth.

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