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A Poem for IMCs from Zack de La Rocha

I was handed this piece of paper from Zack on the streets of New York. I am posting this for him. It's a moving poem for all the tireless work done by volunteers for the Indymedia network.

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Making Waves in Support of Free Radio Santa Cruz

On August 31, about forty supporters of Free Radio Santa Cruz met at the RCNV to watch Making Waves, a new documentary about both un-licensed pirate radio and Low Power FM (LPFM). Before watching the feature presentation, we watched a few short documentaries about FRSC and viewed footage of FRSC in the corporate media. Listeners of FRSC took the opportunity to personally thank various FRSC programmers. The film screening was a benefit for FRSC and we (members of the FRSC collective) greatly appreciate everyone's donations.

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An Israeli Spy in the Pentagon? Why would They Bother

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How To Write An Engaging Article

Everyone has their own unique style and method of writing, just as painters or actors have distinct styles. So I can only speak of my own writing techniques. But I thought I would outline some basics that I think make a good written article...

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NOW PLAYING: Uncovered: The Whole Truth about the Iraq War

Now playing at the 41st Avenue Cinema.

The new theatrical version includes an exclusive interview with UN weapons inspector David Kay and a section on the media's role in the build up to war.

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