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Santa Cruz IMC Editorial Policy Update

The following has been added to the sc-imc editorial policy:

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Critical Mass Radio Network: Freak Radio Santa Cruz segment audio link

Critical Mass Radio Network 1st National broadcast Freak Radio Santa Cruz segment hours 1 & 2 featuring Billionares fro Bush, Amy Goodman, FCC visit,Palestine News Network, Utah Phillips, David Rovics, Phil Free, Ryan Harvey, Lockheed Martin weapons inspection team,& various other FRSC programming.

Hour One: [ Listen to the Stream or Download the mp3 ]
Hour Two: [ Listen to the Stream or Download the mp3 ]

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From Central America to Iraq 8-27-04

By Noam Chomsky

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Legislating Evangelical Hypocrisy to its Knees

The In God We Trust Protection Act - ( petition) has raised a whole lot of issues totally unrelated to this proposal to U.S. Congress. It has nothing to do with a constraint on freedom of religion. It has to do with politically bringing Evangelical Hypocrisy to its knees - socially, morally and financially stopping them dead in their arrogant tracks. The Christian Right Wing Zealots, are wielding the power of religion politically, financially, socially and legislatively -

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Critical Mass Radio Broadcast Friday!!

That's right - the dawn of Critical Mass Radio Network is finally here! You can tune in for your local slice of the action at 2pm PST... but tune in all day for segments from radio stations across the US - we stand in opposition to Bush's imperialist regime AND we know how to rock out.

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