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LOCAL Announcement :: Alternative Media

Audio PSA for Critical Mass Radio Network 1st Broadcast

Critical Mass Radio Network(CMRN) a colaberation of indypendant media radio stations 1st broadcast of its kind will be friday 08-26-04 Free Radio Santa Cruz 101fm will be contributing programming and streamming CMRN Live
Throughout the day. TUNE IN 101.1 fm FRSC

[ Listen to the Stream or Download the mp3 ]

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News :: Alternative Media

Blogger Challenges Jerry Falwell on Christian Family Values

"Whenever We Read the Obscene Stories, the Voluptuous Debaucheries, the Cruel and Torturous Executions, the Unrelenting Vindictiveness, with which more than Half the Bible is filled, it Would be More Consistent that we called it the Word of a Demon, than the Word of God. It is a History of Wickedness, that has Served to Corrupt and Brutalize Mankind." Thomas Paine (1737-1809; Original Founding Father.

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News :: Alternative Media : Government & Elections

Petition to Rock Fabric of Evangelical Hypocrisy

Petition to U.S. Congress Eliminates Religious Institutions from Tax Exempt
Status - All Religious Texts Promoting Criminal Activity Must be Purged From
Public Worship Handbooks.

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LOCAL Announcement :: Alternative Media

Santa Cruz Indymedia 'Publishing Party' on Aug 30

Monday evening, August 30
5:30 - 7:30 pm
Barrios Unidos

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Announcement :: Alternative Media

UPDATED! RNC Delegate List

The RNC Delegates Working Group is releasing a new version of the RNC delegates list, with information on approximately 400 more RNC delegates.

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