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Why were my articles pulled????

On August 18, 2004 I posted an article entitled "The Truth about Arab Refugees in 1948".
This was a very heavily documented article written by Israeli historian, David Meir-Levi which reported 8 distinct waves of Arab exodus from lands that later became Israel. Included in the article was an extensive list of quotes from Arab, British, and Israelis leaders at the time as well as statements made in various press sources of that day.

The article had already generated 7 comments showing a lot of interest by readers. Now it is gone. Not even in the "hidden articles" section.
Why was it pulled?
Does Indymedia have a policy of pulling articles posted with information that the staff members of Indymedia disagree with??

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Commentary :: Alternative Media

Kerry's Ambiguous Position on Iraq Alienates Progressive Voters

Interview with Matthew Rothschild, editor of the Progressive Magazine, conducted by Scott Harris

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Commentary :: Alternative Media

Populist Venezuelan President Triumphs Over Opponents in Apr.15 Recall Election

Interview with Gregory Wilpert, sociologist and journalist living in Caracas, conducted by Scott Harris

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Announcement :: Alternative Media

INN World Report On Air in Santa Cruz

INN is in the HOUSE!!

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Pam Africa in Bay Area and Black August Events

Pam Africa will be appearing at the Socialist Action Bookstore in SF at 10:30 AM Saturday August 21, 2004.

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