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Now Playing, a Digital Brigadoon

I know there is a place to link articles from the other press, but there is not a way to include the photos that way, so here's the article from the New York Times about the Santa Cruz Guerrilla Drive-In.

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Fault Lines: 2nd Issue of Indymedia Newspaper Hits the Streets

SF Bay Area Indymedia's new newspaper, Fault Lines, has hit the streets of Santa Cruz.

Pick up a copy at the following locations in Santa Cruz:

IMC Space - Santa Cruz Barrios Unidos (1817 Soquel Ave)

Saturn Cafe - corner of Pacific and Laurel

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Angels in Monterey

A visitation from the "angels of public interest" occurs in Monterey: Poor Magazine reporter TJ Johnston witnesses. FCC Chairman Michael Powell, who asked for their presence, doesn't.

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KPFA and Pacifica: The Struggle Continues, or Democracy When?


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FCC Public Hearing was a success! Score one for The People.

20040722-154453-indy.jpgPerson after person voiced unique, eloquent, and emphatic remarks of why media consolidation hasn't worked, what has been going wrong and what ideas the FCC could use to fix it.

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