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No to Israeli Bullets

US told not to use Israeli bullets in Iraq

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Preparation Meetings and Community Teach-Ins for the FCC Hearing

In anticipation of FCC Public Hearing on Localism in Broadcasting (July 21st in Monterey)

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Indypendent June 15

The latest issue of NYC IMC's newspaper, the Indypendent.

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New Writers List for Writers Going to RNC NYC

There is a new writers list for reporters and journalists coming to NYC for the RNC protests this summer at Put RNC Writers in the search box at for info to join...It is a place to share resources, coordination of coverage, etc...

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poetpatriot2.jpegThe Poet & Patriot Irish Pub is asking the City Council for permission to have amplified music and change the hours of operation to be the same as other pubs, bars, and music clubs in the city.

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