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We have Yahweh, they have Blah

A Commentary on the humanist movement

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Santa Cruz Indymedia Newsletter (4/23/04)

APRIL 23, 2004

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Rockin' the Boat: Reverend Billy Preaches in Santa Cruz

Just back from actions in Barcelona, Spain, "Reverend Billy" and his Church of Stop Shopping Gospel Choir have fought Starbucks, Disney, Walmart, and many other corporate chains in cities around the US. On April 20, the Reverand Billy brought his flock to Santa Cruz for spirited street action to break the monotony of everyday life.....

[ Listen to the Stream or Download the mp3 ]

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The Pyramid of Power

EDITORS' NOTE: The following is part of a series of questions and answers that followed a talk given by Bob Avakian, Chairman of the RCP, last year. It has been edited for publication here (and notes have been added).

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dispute with Printed Matter, Inc.

dispute with arts organization accused of suppressing book by radical group

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