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Indymedia caucus at the Allied Media Conference

Below is info regarding [1] the Allied Media Conference and [2] an Indymedia
caucus at the Conference. Please read.

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CommonCause / FCC Petition

Really, really important: Goes right to the FCC. Michael Powell and the repubs must feel the pressure to hold more hearings and allow diverse spokespersons to participate.

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revolution summer san diego

confronting global capital and oppressive institutions

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Video Showing: Two Towns of Jasper

There will be a showing of the TV video, 'Two Towns of Jasper', on May 27th at the Methodist Church on California St. at 7PM.

This video tells the story of community reactions to the murder of James Byrd in Jasper Texas in 1998.

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Petition : Stop Censoring IndyMedia from Google News

censorship.jpgPlease endorse the 'Stop Censoring IndyMedia from Google News' petition

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