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MoveOn Bulletin
Friday, May 2, 2003

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Peace on Fire: Sustained Dissent in an Era of War

A day long event featuring participatory workshops on resisting war and an evening of cultural expressions.

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Why Interderon's Do Not Work and Boosting the Immune System Does

Scientists at two Texas universities have discovered how hepatitis C virus thwarts immune system efforts to eliminate it.

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Upcoming Events: Center for Justice, Tolerance, and Community

Quick Scan (see below for full details):

Sun, April 27: El Dorado Book Club meets to discuss Aging with Grace by David Snowdon, Santa Cruz Public Library

Sun, April 27: 6th ANNUAL Queer Youth Leadership Awards in Watsonville

Sun, April 27 - May 1st: Second Annual Reel Works Film Festival at venues throughout Santa Cruz

Thurs, May 1: El Teatro Campesino and the Fair Trade Campaign at UCSC, College 10

Friday, May 2, 6-8pm This Bridge We Call Home at the UCSC Women's Center

* * * * *

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RADIO SUBVERSION for the week of 04/21/03

RADIO SUBVERSION is a weekly audio netcast with news, views, music and humor from the Left side of the internet.

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