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GAZA STRIP Film Monday Feb 3 UCSC 7pm

A refreshingly unfettered look at the Israeli-Palestinian situation in the occupied territory, James Longley's documentary is a unique experience, a film which gives a voice to a population largely ignored by the mainstream media.

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September 11 Video Screening

January 28, 7:00 pm at 515 Broadway. "September 11 - Coverup or Complicity" calls attention to the blind acceptance by the mainstream media of the official version of events. It suggests that we are on the lip of the gravest crisis of democracy since World War II.

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Downtown Ordinances & Media Omissions

Dan White's ... representation ... goes like this: "Councilman Ed Porter, who researched and proposed the rules, said he became convinced the council had to take action after the 'uproar' and the 'avalanche of e-mails' after a stabbing near Borders in the spring." Fhar Miess of The Alarm fills us in on the REAL story and exposes the Sentinel's dishonesty.

Article from The Alarm!

Article from the Sentinel


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Million Clown March

The "Million Clown March" rallied at 5p today behind Saturn Cafe, then marched up Pacific to protest Gap and Starbucks for discriminatory hiring practices against clowns.


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Robert Norse Arrest During City Council Meeting

Sgt. Loren Baker approached Norse and asked him to leave the council chambers. Norse insisted he had a right to stay and was placed in handcuffs although the meeting was still in recess. He was initially informed he was being charged with tresspass. Then he was held by Officer Brandt in a police car for several minutes repeatedly demanding to know what he was being arrested for. Brandt finally received word on his radio from Sgt. Baker that Norse was being charged for disrupting a meeting. The misdemeanor is punishable by up to a year in jail and a $1000 fine. Norse commented on the reason for the arrest. "To think you can punish someone for a silent gesture of disapproval -- that is fascism. You are punishing people based on the content of their expression. I didn't disrupt the meeting. Krohn disrupted his own meeting."

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FRSC: Tune in tuesday special interviews

Tune in to FRSC 101fm at
10:30 for interview w/ Petey arrested and charged w/ Felony at critical mass Sacramento also interview w/ Mark of the Band the Unseen at 11am
and Free Radio L.A. at 1pm

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Tell the FCC: stop covert commercial propaganda on TV

On May 25th, Federal Communications Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein gave a rousing speech about the “most pernicious symptoms� of “increasing commercialization of American media,� including product placement and corporate shills in “news� programming. Email all four FCC commissioners today to require TV stations to make “clear and prominent� disclosure of all covert commercial propaganda, including product placement and corporate shills.

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FRSC: Interview with John Anderson

Skidmark Bob Interviews John Anderson of Media Minutes and about his media history, program, website and pirate/micro radio, copyright, filesharing and a hell of alot more Sam an Joe end song "Save the Fuckin Children"

audio: MP3 at 16.6 mebibytes

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12 MONKEYS at Santa Cruz Guerilla Drive-In (5/27)

2_guerilla-drive-in-logo.gifTerry Gilliam directs 12 Monkeys, a densely plotted, visually dynamic post-apocalyptic thriller. It is a movie that is as bleak as it is mind-bending, a dystopian nightmare that seems uncomfortably plausible. Bruce Willis is a brutalized, misunderstood time-traveler sent to the present from 2035 where the scattered remains of humanity live deep underground. An intoxicating blend of existential science fiction and unrequited romance. Wild and beautiful and deeply disturbing all at once.

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LOCAL Announcement :: Alternative Media : Arts & Culture

"This Divided State" wins best documentary at SCFF

The film that chronicles Michael Moore's visit to conservative Utah won the audience award for "Best Documentary" at the 2005 Santa Cruz Film Festival

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