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Sounds of Freedom (5/19)

John Malkin, a journalist and musician who hosts a weekly radio program on Free Radio Santa Cruz will give a talk about the release of his new book, Sounds of Freedom. The event takes place at Bookshop Santa Cruz on Thursday, May 19, 2005 7:30 PM

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Destruction of America!

Great NEW website!

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Michael Moore Documentary Screening at Santa Cruz Film Festival (5/13)

THIS DIVIDED STATE is scheduled to screen at the 2005 Santa Cruz Film Festival on Friday, May 13th at 4PM

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scimc formatting needs help

aside from the fact that the newswire column can only be found 2/3 of the way down the page...

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Dossier of Indymedia Hacker Who Struck NYC Today

I've obtained the complete dossier on the hacker who took down NYC Indymedia earlier today.
These folks are from "" in Houston, Texas.
Call their techie, "Peter Pathos" at 214-782-7802.
They've visited me before: I'm blocking their I.P. addresses. I will pass this information directly to the US District Attorney in Manhattan. Unfortunately, the individuals who have worked on the inside of various IMCs, reducing the reliability of commmunications within the alternative press, still manage to cloak themselves in secrecy. The solution is to know your local IMC, show up to meetings, ask questions, and follow up on stories that you post. Attacks on Indymedia,

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