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Whose streets? Our Streets? Environmental group faces legal battle over Critical Mass bike ride.

The future of Critical Mass in New York City remains uncertain, as environmental group TIME’S UP! is forced to foot the bill for an impending court battle.

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Commentary :: Police State

Welcome to the Shitocracy

Stick a fork in their asses, turn them over, they're done!

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Rumsfeld Sued by Enemy from Peoria

In a manner similar to that of Padilla and Hamdi, Ali Saleh Kahlah al-Marri was abducted on the eve of his trial and by orders of George W. Bush, declared an enemy combatant, and had him thrown in the brig. (standing precedent does not allow him any legal basis to do so). After approximately 2 years of detention in the same brig as Jose Padilla, he has filed a lawsuit against Donald Rumsfeld for:
"...unlawful and unconstitutional conditions of confinement to which Plaintiff has been subjected by Defendants at the Consolidated Naval Brig (“the Brig?) in North Charleston, South Carolina, since President Bush designated him an “enemy combatant? on June 23, 2003."

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Reagan Directive Foreshadowed Haiti Crisis

The execution of National Security Directive No. 77 was crafted to satisfy business elites in Haiti and the US that eventually would organize to undermine the policies of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, especially his decision to raise the minimum wage. Political Science Professor Ronald W. Cox explains how and why the US government has struggled against the rise of democracy in Haiti since the early 80s.
As part of this effort, AID cut off aid to Aristide shortly after he took office. In addition, for the first time in its history, the State Department became concerned with human rights violations in Haiti after the election of Aristide. The Department reportedly established a notebook of human rights violations committed by the Aristide government, something it had not done during the Duvalier regimes. In fact, State Department officials had supported the Duvaliers consistently by arguing that the human rights abuses (which were notorious) of those regimes were unsubstantiated and that those regimes deserved support for their anti­communism.

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Policías Auxiliares en Huelga de Hambre en D.F. || Police on Hunger Strike in Mexico City

Bernardo, Guillermo y Miguel, son tres de cinco Expolicías Auxiliares del D.F. (México). Desde hace 23 días ellos viven en un campamento hecho de lonas y camas de unicel, en la plancha del Zócalo capitalino frente a la oficina del Jefe de gobierno, Andrés Manuel López Obrador.


Bernardo, Guillermo and Miguel are three of five former Auxiliary Police from Mexico City, Mexico. For 23 days, they have been living in a cloth tent with styrofoam beds in the Zolcalo in front of the office of Governor Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

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