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Support Grows for Maribel Cuevas

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An 11-year-old girl, acting in self-defense, should not be treated as a felon. We have a duty as people to prevent this from becoming a precedent.


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Real ID Slips Past the Senate in the Military Funding Bill

The Feds have put the plans in place to make sure that you can't defacate without their knowledge. Unless some legal intervention occurs, this legislation will take effect in 2008.

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News :: Police State

NATO – claims of information deficit are false

NATO passed information would not bring any or not very meaning-full additional value in terrorism denial explains Socialist Finland Security Police Head Seppo Nevala.

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Populist #8

The Consequences of our Growing Centralized Power

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News :: Police State

Anti-G8 Legal Update 7/25/05

Everyone is out of jail. The court process is slowly progressing. The FBI has been questioning and harassing people. Please call 415-285-1011 with questions or if you were a witness.

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