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Martin Rodriguez: Tortured in the San Jose Main Jail

Martín Rodriguez says he was tortured in the San Jose Main Jail while spending 115 days there on dubious drug charges. His public defender demanded he plead guilty and he is seeking adequate representation for a plea of innocent. His cause has been taken up by the Barrio Defense Committee of San Jose.

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Cheney Pumps More Gas

The price of oil rose abruptly after Cheney's suggestion that Israel might act as our proxy in a war against Iran. And who will benefit?

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Black Block March in D.C.

Photos from an unpermitted Anarchist convergence and March to the security perimiter as the official Inaugural Parade began

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Counter-inauguration protest wrap

Self contained summary of events at the Santa Cruz counter-inauguration rally. 3:45

note: the word shit is used in the story...

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Never have I seen this on Indymedia. I've contributed 100s of articles to Indy and have been paid for words in print. Question is who is the MORON that got hold of the NYC newswire: and label the following as- and here's good laugh -
ALIEN MIND CONTROL SPAM Fri, 21 Jan 2005 09:38:38 +1100
Subject: Your IMC website article has been hidden
Your article entitled
"Presidential Approval Hits 50 Year Low: Iraq Not Mentioned"
has been hidden from the newswire by the mountain.
The hide code was: Policy Violation.
The following comments were noted regarding your article:
electro-magnetic alien mind-control spam
read and decide for yourself- that's how it has been done until today anyhow (this was not the ONLY lapse at MYC IMC today either

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