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Announcement :: Police State

Secret police brotherhood targets activists

When police cannot cause protesters enough pain in jail, they hire thugs to follow up on activists..

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News :: Police State

Walking on the path of the Vanguard

This was a great event: to hear the words of the leader who speaks to us with the truth, who takes things apart with such a clear analysis, who teaches us with a science that advances our understanding." So it was described by an organizer of the May Day showing of the video clip.


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Announcement :: Police State

Come to an Auction Benefiting Tre Arrow!

Join us for the Fancy Schmancy Art Event. Amazing art, from across the country and Europe will be on display and up for bidding! In the end, this effort is for the defense, not of just one man, but of JUSTICE!!

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Commentary :: Police State

Laws Reflect a Society

It is amazing how much you can tell about a society from its laws. Laws give us a glimpse into social order from eras and civilizations long past. Some of the oldest known written laws that we’ve found so far, are in the Code of Lipit-Ishtar. Lipit-Ishtar, was a shepherd and farmer from Nippur, Iraq, who became the ruler of Isin from about 1868 B.C. to 1857 B.C. Four broken stone tablets were discovered in the 1930’s, written in the Sumerian language, during the rule of Lipit-Ishtar. One law from that Code was, “If a man rented an ox and injured the flesh at the nose ring, he shall pay one third of its price.? Another one of the oldest written legal texts we have discovered, found in 1901 in Syria, is from the Code of Hammurabi, codified around 1792-1750 B.C., under the reign of Babylonian King Hammurabi. One of his laws was, “If an ox when passing through the street gore a man and bring about his death, that case has no penalty.? From the Puritanical Blue Laws of 1650 in Connecticut, to the surveillance-obsessed Federal Patriot Act in 2001, historians draw conclusions based on unique legal codes within societies. Centuries from now someone will discover our old law books and make documentaries of how we lived, based upon those laws.

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911: the Road to Tyranny

Explosive documentary "911: the Road to Tyranny" is now on the Internet Archive.

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