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The Empire of Ignorance, Hypocrisy and Obedience

Article by the author of The Empire of Ignorance, Hypocrisy and Obedience, first published on CommonDreams and in Australia's largest newspapers.
The American people didn't know its troops abused prisoners in Iraqi jails. Ignorance. Officials who knew pretend they didn't know. Hypocrisy. The parents of soldiers say their kids were forced to follow orders. Obedience. Read on...

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Israelis burn and bury ambulance with occupants inside

21 May 2004, from Mohammed, a resident of Rafah, Palestine (at , where there are regular updates and many photos of the ongoing wreckage by Israel)

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LOCAL Announcement :: Police State

Benifit Show For Proyecto Common Touch 5/22

Benifit Show For Proyecto Common Touch
For the Rights of Califorina Women on Parole

Saturday May 22
8:00 PM
Zami Coop
807 Laurel St.

ONLY 5 BUCKS includes free CD of Rosita Tijerina

Music by Brown Recluse and The Bitchin Ayatollahs

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Insurgent Ideas: Cops Watch Conference

Federal, state, and private security forces converged to police not actions but ideas at the Student Animal Rights Organization (SARO) conference on animal liberation, which included the first ever academic symposium on the Animal Liberation Front (ALF). The conference featured analyses from feminist, anti-racist, radical environmentalist, and animal liberationist activists and scholars.

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Commentary :: Police State

Prisons in the USA.


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