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LOCAL News :: Police State

Abolish the CYA Mix

A 45 minute MP3 snipet of the Global Local program mixed up live in the FRSC studios. Listen every Monday from 6 to 9 PM for revolutionary music you won't hear anywhere else and radical analysis and commentary and/or disscussion. Callers welcome!!! Listen at 101.1 FM and online at

Audio: Download the mp3

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LOCAL News :: Police State

May 1st State Wide Actions to Abolish the SHUs

Activists petition in Watsonville to La Raza Community
CDC reports in 1998 state 82% of people in SHUs are nonwhite & 52% of those are Latino.

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LOCAL News :: Police State

Iraq Torturer a PA Prison Guard, Torture In the U.S.

From Santa Cruz to Pennsylvania to Iraq, U.S. law enforcement are experts on torture.

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LOCAL Interview :: Alternative Media : Police State

Interview with Mitchell Crooks on Police

On April 12, Mitchell Crooks joined me via telephone from Las Vegas on the Indynewswire show on Free Radio Santa Cruz to talk about Police.

Listen to the Stream or Download the mp3

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News :: Police State

Excuse me. Could you please say it again, Sam?

President Tarja Halonen has not been listening her citizen on problems small business faces or on human rights. Why and what has been the true deepest reason for this act?

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