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Pacific Avenue Rag

This is an adaptation of a Woody Guthrie tune that I did in the summer of 2002, during the struggle over the new and de-proved Downtown Ordinances. Use freely! It is being sung on Wednesdays at the Sing Out, an intentional civil disobedience action, in front of New Leaf Market downtown, 6-8PM.

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American Activist Arrested in Thailand

American Activist arrested in Thailand. Us embassy ignores cries for help..

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LOCAL Commentary :: Police State

California Police Accountability Bills

Letter to California Assemblymember John Laird urging support of police accounablilty bills AB1077, AB1119 and AB1331 now being concidered in the state legislature.

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LOCAL News :: Police State

Robocop Roust and Robbery

The SCPD war on the homeless is in full swing with the dynamic duo, Robocop and Officer Seiley out busting and violating the civil rights of people just trying to stay alive on the streets of Santa Cruz.

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LOCAL News :: Police State

Critical Resistance; Breaking it Down

Critical Resistance's 'National Field Organizer' spoke with people in Santa Cruz that are working to start a local chapter.

audio: Listen to the Stream or Download the mp3

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