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Speak Out for Loreto Arizpe and All Youth in Prison!!

Audio from the Rally for Loreto Arizpe and All Youth in Prison!!
March 25, 2004

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Say No to the CYA! Rally for Loreto Arizpe and All Youth in Prison!!

Say NO to the CYA! No sentencing Loreto Arizpe to California Youth Authority. Loreto is due to be sentenced on Thursday, March 25 at 8:30 AM. Rally at the Santa Cruz County Building (Water Street side) at 8:30 AM.

People will be convening at 8:00 AM outside the front entrance doors to District Attorney Bob Lee's office and enter to give him a personal invitation to adddress the crowd at 8:30 sharp.

Bob Lee must be held responsible for Loreto, if sentenced to the California Youth Authority until the age of 25, as is possible.

On February 22, Lee stated that Santa Cruz County would join the CYA ban and that "...while there are no local offenders 'in the pipeline' for sentencing, the county is prepared to use other programs and detention house sentenced offenders until the CYA hearings are completed and recommendations made."

Lee, your elected official... LIED!


[ Critical Resistance I related article on Loreto Arizpe: Supporters rally around reputed gang member ]

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Diablo Canyon Granted Storage License

PG&E, those folks that have consistently shown how incompetent they are, have been granted a license to store radioactive waste at the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Facility in San Luis Obispo.

The Bush administration, the 'strong on terrorism' bs'er's, did not allow the discussion of a possible terrorist attack as it relates to the safety of the plan.

This license is good for 20 years.

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Two Finnish Business Executives killed on an unscheduled trip

Clarified summary on killed Finns in Iraq based on some news articles.

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Reclaim the Streets 3-20-04

!!!Coming to a street near you--
Celebrate the equinox, create community space for radical opposition, direct action, and mass participation at...RECLAIM THE STREETS! Meet at San Lorenzo Park @ 1pm THIS Saturday!!!(across the river from Pacific Ave.)! Dress wild, crazy, gender funky. Bring your musical instruments, dancing shoes, and radical cheers. Band together with joy and celebration; provide yourselves and eachother with the loving support a radical community demands and perpetuates.

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