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M20 : Time to prepare for the next massive demonstration

nowar29.jpgTime to prepare for the next international demo: March 20, 2004 - The World STILL Says No to War !

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Interview :: Police State

Eyewitness to an Execution

Chuck Carlson who witnessed the execution of his friend Tom Thompson, discusses why many believe that Tom was innocent. We also discuss how it felt to be a witness to his friend's execution and the dehumanizing process of a death sentence. 42:21 56kbps

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LOCAL Commentary :: Police State

Kevin Cooper case highlights need to abolish the Death Penalty

While anti-death penalty activists celebrate stopping (temporarily) the execution of Kevin Cooper on California's death row, it has never been clearer the need to abolish the death penalty itself.

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News :: Police State

Israel's Nukes: Whistleblower surpressed


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News :: Police State

9-11 Breakthrough. Read this


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