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SWAT: The Movie (Action Call)

SWAT: The movie is coming out on August 8th. What are you going to do in response?

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Let's transform the "Recall Davis" campaign into one of "Total Recall" of all Democratic and Republican candidates.

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Announcement :: Police State


RedRed, for those who are not familiar, is a latina, Portland womyn who is facing a felony and an absurd sentence of 5yrs on the false charge that she broke a window of the California state building. During the WTO/USDA protests in Sacramento, law enforcement claims that the window was broken on Sunday, when she was

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News :: Police State

What is legal, and what is not?

What is the difference in making a law, following it, and abusing it. If You still do not know, better find out now, before it is too late.

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Announcement :: Police State

Break the Chains Conference Housing / Ride Share Boards

The Break the Chains Conference will be held at the University of Oregon (Eugene, OR) from August 8 - 10. Conference organizers have now created two web boards to facilitate information-sharing around housing and transportation issues.

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